Engineering Design and Build

At Ambassador, we specialize in building new modern controls solutions for a variety of verticals. Our team routinely performs the engineering design and build function with great success, delivering projects on time and on budget. Take a panel retrofit for example:

Our team needs to understand what you’ve got to work with, so we come in, take some photos, and gather some drawings and PLC programs. Our preliminary audit guarantees that we provide you with the best estimate.

We then provide you with a quote to replace your existing panel with a sleek and tidy panel design. While modernizing your processes with the latest technology, our replacement will ensure the safety of you and your staff.

Panel Build

We partner with the top panel builders in the industry to provide you with the most accurate panel build, based upon our drawings.

Programming and Software Development

We take pride in our efficient, creative programming skills, and we collaborate directly with our clients as necessary to ensure comprehensive and enduring functionality. We offer software reviews and workshops throughout our programming process, ensuring that you remain satisfied and informed as the industrial software development work unfolds. When our work is completed, we go to great lengths to guarantee that you’re entirely pleased with the results.

Our enhanced fault diagnostics ensure mean time to repair is minimized, so that production is up and running in the shortest period of time.

Delivery and Installation

You receive your sleek, custom-prepared panels, ready for installation, on time and on budget.

We supervise our electrical sub-contractors while they install and wire your panel. Following installation, we commission the system, performing I/O checkout, manual functionality, and then automatic functionality ensuring that our program runs to your complete satisfaction.

Our designs are built standard with remote monitoring capability, so we may swiftly and remotely address any potential concern. If remote monitoring is not an option, we are only a phone call away, and are usually able to be at a client site within 2 to 4 hours.