Customized Software For Improved High-Speed Printing

Clean Code and Modern UI Enables Scale

Client Challenge: Our customer used a message center application which controlled the printing of predetermined information on manufactured products at extremely high speeds. The application was outdated, as it utilized old technology to perform simultaneous functions with poorly written code resulting in poor performance. Also, the customer wanted to upgrade the application to control an additional printer at the same time, which was impossible to integrate with the existing application. Our scope of work included:

  • Project management, including a weekly call with the project team to be hosted by Ambassador
  • Functional Specification and requirements for the application
  • Develop a database in SQL Express
  • Application programming in C#
  • Testing and debugging the code
  • Commissioning and startup support at the customer site

Ambassador’s Solutions: Ambassador started from the beginning and developed the desktop application using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework and C# programming language. We designed the application with a simple, modern UI for a great user experience. We used Model-View Model-View (MVVM) design pattern to use the best practices in maintaining a clean separation between application logic and the UI, aided by clean code code that was easier to test and maintain. We used multithreading to improve the efficiency of the application as well as its multi-tasking capabilities. The result was a reliable interface that kept up with the high speeds and printed reliably every time. With good software design we could scale the application to work with multiple printers at the same time.

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